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The rise of Badoo and the failure of community policing

The Nigeria Police Force is at a loss about the operations of

‘Shifting cultivation’ in Nigerian politics

If you are a newcomer to Nigerian politics, you should be forgiven

The Epistle Of ‘Saint’ Babangida

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) is a retired armored General in the Nigerian Armed Forces. 

Why Nigerians rig everything, everywhere

Anyone wondering why the authorities in Abuja find it difficult to give

Does Buhari want us as one?

That two of the three major tribes are actively clamouring for their own

Joe Igbokwe: Only The Just Can Be Vindicated By History

Joe Igbokwe is an official bullhorn for Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu, whom

Why I’m Afraid of Nigeria’s Break-up

A few days ago, a friend asked me to explain my aversion

Restructuring Nigeria without tears

Something is wrong with anybody who says there is nothing wrong with

The Igbo crime culture

In the sweltering heat of a serial lynching and killing of Igbo

None of us is as great as all of us

The number one problem plaguing Nigeria is not corruption or even the

Genius Billionaire Kidnapper: The Shameful Tales And His Different Media Names

Since this week, Nigeria's social media space had been dominated by a

Is Buhari Nigeria’s last president?

Tangentially, I take the title of this article to be humdrum. Why?

Evans And The Rise Of The Invisible Neighbor

Mathew Hassan Kukah (MHK) perhaps best framed a key ethical question bogging

Biafra: Did The Igbo Kill Jesus?

The early part of June 2017 saw Arewa Youths issue a “Quit

Igbo Haters, The Arewa Ultimatum And Our Nation

Fifty years after the civil war ended, Igbos do not yet feel

I am Ooduan

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who posited that no one could make you

Igbo Quit Notice: An Idea So Terrible It’s Awesome

The “Kaduna Declaration” of “war” on Igbos by some Northern youth groups

10 of the Best Street Food Dishes to Try in Lagos

With ever-developing tastes and a proliferation of available culinary options, Nigerian foodies

Biafra: Ibo Promise land or Politics as Usual by Teniola Esan

Finally, my thoughts on Biafra. Biafra, o Biafra. The Promiseland of all

The Tyranny Of Consensus

I congratulate the President, the President's supporters, and the Presidency. They have

Don’t Just Sit And Drink Beer On May 30th For IPOB – Think!

As we set out to close shops and offices, disrupt movement by

The Coconut On The Head Of Nigerian Christianity

Ambode versus Chaplain... The media is reporting that Ogbeni Ambode fired a

We Are Biafran-Nigerians, We Are Not In The Clay Pot Business

In Creative Evolution, Henri Bergson (1859-1941) expressed the opinion that the attempt

In Defense Of Aisha Yesufu

The co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group, Aisha Yesufu,

What happened to transparency?

I need your help, please. At the annual Nigerian jamboree to the

Rich Kid, Poor Kid

A few months ago I was privileged to be able to attend

12 Ways You Can Improve Your Child’s IQ

You probably knew someone who was so smart in school, you were

Between Certificate And ‘Cerfiticate’!

Education is strategically vital to the development and greatness of any nation.

Dumb And Dumber: Nigerians And Their Leaders

I have come to the realization that Nigerian leaders are dumb, and

Ghost President, Ghost Achievements, Ghost Monies In Apartment Owned By Ghosts – Reno Omokri

For the better part of this week, Nigeria has been having much