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Behind The Trouble Maker: Meet The Other Abdulmumin Jibrin

Since his decision to resign as Chairman of the Appropriation Committee of

Dissecting Dino’s Days In The Senate

Over the months, I have read very uninformed critiques Senator Dino Melaye’s

The Lawmaker Whistleblower: What is Jibrin Up To?

When news broke last Thursday that Honourable Abdulmumin Jibrin had resigned his

The Buhari Electoral Crisis and the PDP Strategy

Background The PDP as a party had been instrumental to the economic

Ebonyi State: Unforgivable Profligacy In The Midst Of Acute Poverty

Last week Friday, holiday weary Nigerians ended the week with the shocking

Beware Of Fake Men Of God – Pastor Anita Oyakhilome

When people talk about winning souls these days, I feel absolutely concerned

Benue Massacre: It Is High Time Citizens’ Lives Began To Matter

  It is with the saddest and most frustrating mix of emotions

How Buhari Ruined Nigeria in a Year and Bankrupted 34 States Despite Fuel Price Hike

“What amazed me about Goodluck Jonathan was how he was able to

The Stolen Pot Of Soup – Reuben Abati Writes

“I am depressed, my brother.” “You are always depressed. I am actually

Adamu Mustapha: Enhancing Economic Development Through Water Supply In Zamfara State

From time immemorial, philosophers and scientists have linked development to the presence

Setting The Records Straight: Nobody Is Misleading President Buhari

This article is a response to Dele Momodu's article titled "Before They

Restoring Sanity In Our Armed Forces

A tsunami of disaster has swept through the rank and file of

President Goodluck Jonathan and Corruption

If I were President Jonathan, I would put a stop to these

The Legitimate Grievances, The Secessionist Impulses And Selfish Ethnic Interests

A cursory look at the Niger Delta and the damage done to

The Worst Government In The History Of Nigeria (2)

George Santayana says: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to

Nigeria: The Wilderness, The Journey And The Promised Land

Nigeria’s case today reminds me of the people of Isreal, The Promised

APC: All Promises Changed?

The ruling party, All Progressive Congress, (APC) has come under contemptuous criticisms

Dear Lil Kesh, Here’s Why You Don’t Have Any Endorsement Deal

The other day, Lil Kesh complained to us that he hadn’t been

NYSC and The Gospel of Waste

Right now, there are youths scattered around Nigerian villages and cities, slaving

A Boiling Southern Cauldron and The Insults Of The Northern Governors By Femi Fani-K

Last week I wrote an essay titled “The Road To Kigali” which

Why Nigerian Universities Rank Low by Dr. Taiwo Oladokun

At the combined 19th and 22nd Convocation Ceremony of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa

OPINION: The Average Igbo Man and His Mindset

The AVERAGE Igbo Man is abusive, uncouth and has no respect for

The Price Of Change

With or without human input, change must inevitably come. It is the

Opinion: Who Governs Nigeria? By Reuben Abati

During the Jonathan administration, an outspoken opposition spokesperson had argued that Nigeria

The 8th National Assembly and the rest of Us by Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

THESE are the worst of  times! The past week has brought into

The Curse of Dowry

The Curse of Dowry, by Ese Crossett The dowry or bride price

Re-Financing Our Future by Kemi Adeosun by Dele Awogbeoba

Nigerians are no doubt appreciative of the fact that we are now

Between Ayo Fayose and Yours Truly – by Femi Fani-Kayode

People often say that my friend and brother Governor Ayodele Fayose of

Change doesn’t mean Transformation by Reuben Abati

This commentary is inspired by Olusegun Adeniyi’s “Of wailers, counterwailers and Buharideens”

“I go chop money nah”: The perversion of class consciousness in Nigeria

In a country where the police and justice system are largely perceived