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Australian Pet Owners Charter $100,000 Flight to Bring Pets Home

  Pet owners who fled back to Australia before the peak of

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(Video): White man gets single knockout punch after calling blacks “pets” on London train

A white man got more than what he bargained for as a

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Cute Chow Chow Puppy Photos take Twitter by Storm

Dogs are beautiful creatures who have been best friends with humans for

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Zoonotic diseases: Don’t leave children with pets – Expert warns

Dr Victor Fayomi, a General Medical Practitioner with a private hospital in

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Rich Kids Of Saudi Arabia Show Off Cheetah, Gold Plated Weapons, Jets, Others In Display Of Affluence

The rich kids of Saudi Arabia have no problem displaying their wealth

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23 Year Old Man Rendered Temporarily Impotent Due to Cat Scratch

For cat lovers, being wary of scratches from the pet is a

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(photos) Former Governor poses with his Pet Leopards

If you thought boxer Mike Tyson was the only public person with

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