Rich Kids Of Saudi Arabia Show Off Cheetah, Gold Plated Weapons, Jets, Others In Display Of Affluence


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The rich kids of Saudi Arabia have no problem displaying their wealth and affluence as they take to their social media pages to flaunt their luxury rides, pets and other accessories.

The rich kids of the United Arab Emirates have no problem whatsoever displaying their private jets, shopping spree and for the gun friendly ones, gold plated weapons.

Instagram has however become a place to display their wealth with several followers attesting to their wealth.

Some of the kids who are more interested in pets also go for exotic creature such as a cheetah cubs, monkeys or more likely, a tiger, as the fiercer they are, the better.

Of the rich kids is one who was revealed earlier in the year to have purchased 24 karat gold chains for his birds and also booked an entire first class suite for his 80 birds.

See some photos of the luxury lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates rich kids below:

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