“This stops when the world takes the proper steps” – Kevin Hart reacts to protests sparked by George Floyd’s death

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Popular comedian and actor, Kevin Hart has accused the media of drawing attention to riots and lootings during protests occasioned by the death of George Floyd and ignoring the “why”.

He stated this in a series of tweets on Sunday evening.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported Monday morning that violence erupted in cities across the US on the sixth night of protests, and curfews have been imposed in nearly 40 cities, but people have largely ignored them, leading to tense stand-offs.

According to the report, riot police clashed with protesters in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, firing tear gas and pepper bullets to try to disperse the crowds. Police vehicles were set on fire and shops were looted in several cities.

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Hart said that the narrative was being changed to focus only on the symptoms of the problem rather than cause.

He stressed that until “hatred” and “racism” in America became a thing of the past, people “sick and tired” of being discriminated against would continue to react in any way they saw fit.

“Enough is Enough,” the 40-year-old wrote.

“I see this narrative being changed and I want to make sure that we are all aware of the WHY….this is happening because of Hatred in our country….This is Racism….People are sick & tired of being treated this way. We are tired of watching our own die this way,” Hart wrote.

“So please do not let the media make you forget the WHY….this stops when the world takes the proper steps in fixing the matter at hand. This stops when the media pushes the correct narrative. This has to stop….these senseless deaths HAVE TO STOP!!!!

“This is not about RIOTING & LOOTING….do not let that become the narrative…..This is about social injustice….THIS IS ABOUT THE UNFAIR TREATMENT THAT PEOPLE OF COLOR HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH YEEEAAAARRRRSSS!!!!! THATS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT…”

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