White man beaten up for aiming arrow at protesters in Salt Lake City to be charged – Mayor

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Brandon McCormick

Salt Lake City Mayor, Erin Mendenhall has said that Brandon McCormick, a White man seen on tape aiming a bow and arrow at protesters, would be charged.

He stated this as protests that spilled over from Minneapolis, Minnesota over the death of George Floyd eased in the city on Sunday.

The Herald had reported how McCormick was left with a bloodied face Saturday when he was tackled and pummelled by a mob after he aimed a hunting bow at them.

The Salt Lake City Police Department said it was investigating the incident and another in which a police officer knocked down an elderly man.

In a video message on Sunday, Police Chief Mike Brown said officers had pulled McCormick from the mob over concerns for his safety.

He said the man was given aid and his identity ascertained.

However, his car, which he drove to the scene of the protest was flipped over by the mob and it caught fire and burned.

In a posted video, the man, identified as Brandon McCormick, responded to a stranger who asked him if he calls himself an American with: “Yes, I’m American. All lives matter.” Immediately afterward, he lifted his hunting bow and aimed an arrow at those around him.

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In a later interview with Fox 13, he said he had brought the bow and arrow, as well as a large knife that was also found on him, to protect police during the protest.

But the police chief said McCormick showing up with a weapon while protests were ongoing was  “troubling” and a “horrible situation.”

Police are asking those who witnessed the episode to contact them as they screen charges against the man.

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