Twitter on Fire as BBnaija star Erica “snubs” Laycon during Dorathy’s birthday party


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1st Runner Up of the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition, Dorathy Bachor celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday, November 4th, in grand style.

The lovable young lady was gifted a Mercedes Benz by well-wishing fans.

Winner of the reality show, Laycon and disqualified ex-housemate Erica Nlewedim both attended the party.

However, things took a salty turn as a viral video clip showed a carefree Erica walking directly towards Dorathy and completely ignoring a smiling Laycon who was seated next to the ladies.

Erica was seen chatting and embracing the celebrant while Laycon couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Recall that Erica and Laycon had an altercation while on the show. Although the duo had declared that there are no issues between them, the history of Erica’s despicable acts towards Laycon sparked a reaction among Twitter users.

Twitter on Fire as BBnaija star Erica "snubs" Laycon during Dorathy's birthday party
Twitter on Fire as BBnaija star Erica “snubs” Laycon during Dorathy’s birthday party

Here are a few tweets;

@lizzygifty said: “It’s expected Erica acts like that. That is the script she was given by her management. She has to continue the beef with Laycon in order to remain relevant and it’s understandable and I trust my Presido Green heart+Electric light bulb always. Omo ologo forever.”

@heyitsrubi_red said: “First off, watching that video made me cringe so hard. That fake ass smile someone was giving Expressionless face Laycon was probably looking because he has not seen Erica since that incident and since they both claim they have move passed that, at least someone could’ve said hi..”

@ChizaramStella said: “What’s paining some Iclowns is not about their King staring at my EriBillionaire, but how people were cheering her as the Star Girl she is.”

@chidondollars said: “The truth is Erica and Laycon aren’t in the same class. One is a celebrity before the house and one just become a celebrity after the house. Where Erica had been is where Laycon is going.”

@bucki_e said: “Let’s be honest Erica kinda lost relevance.. like badly.. so this issue with Laycon kinda revived her.. atleast till she wins something big.. for now either Kidd or Laycon remains her clout and even Kidd is barely relevant Weary face.. must hurt.”

@soGodknows said: “I love how Erica is barely doing the minimum, yet people are wailing, it’s very yummy in my tummy, but what if she actually tries Like this faves are doing? Haaaa this internet no go contain us o. Ride on star girl you are doing well oinn”

@AsiwajuLerry said: “Imagine what the narrative would have been if Laycon walked out of that party upon Erica’s appearance?? That (his)smile was from a heart with no hate, Y’all should just let bygone be gone. They all deserve a moment of peace together.”

@amshola01 said: “Looking at the way Erica constantly struggles to avoid laycon’s glance and acting like he isn’t even there, I’m honestly quite shocked that a 26 years old lady that is educated can be this uncivilized and immature…”

@Chikezie84 said: “Here we go again calling women names because she makes her own choices. She must do what everyone else want’s her to do. How dare she not jump around to your beat? How dare she protect her peace. I hope this twirling for men is fruitful. Disgraceful pick-me”

@IloveErica4 said: “They said she couldn’t look at him because she was scared. I mean he could look at her because she’s damn beautiful, I sadly cannot say the same for him. What’s there to look at?”

@FordDrea said: “Friendship is not by force oooooo, leave my 26 year old Fav alone, ah ah, Tomorrow now, we will hear, she tried to kiss me. She freaking AIRED him, cry me a river. PS, her ignore game is TOP NOTCH …”

@bluegirlolu tweeted: “That video clearly shows that Erica still has beefs with Laycon and he doesn’t want to reciprocate the same energy, she acted like she did not see Laycon, which is clearly impossible.”

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