UK Based Group ABLE accused of fraudulent activities, Dalhatu Tafida named


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A UK based group, ‘Association of  British-Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers’ (ABLE) has been accused of fraudulent activities in the United Kingdom by The Commonwealth Liberation Party.

In an emailed statement sent to The Herald, The UK registered political party accused ABLE of soiling the good names of Nigerians in the UK by engaging in “scam”.

The statement reads,

These are Nigerians: six in numbers, resident in United Kingdom, UK, jobbers whose stock in trade includes Identity crisis, fraud, blackmail and acting out as Impostors. Since 2009 when they had a maiden conference within the conference hall of Nigerian High Commission, London, Thursday, 3 December under Dr. Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, then Nigerian High Commissioner to UK on ‘Nigerian Communities in Law Enforcements’, opprobrium have littered and dug every step they made in the Queen’s enclave due to their ‘ignorance, unplanned and illogical behaviors and mannerism. In short,
they are famous for notoriety.

No wonder many Nigerian homes in UK and Europe perceive them as a tainted lobbying group, without a focus, but cherishes fleecing innocent Nigerians of their hard-earned money by impressing it upon them (Nigerians) to pay them a compulsory sum of One Hundred and Fifty (150) pounds each being a caveat that will determine their registration eligibility into their ignoble association of  ‘hungry-looking’ group.

Nigerians resident abroad are wondering the irony that precedes a group with no relevant career or occupation in law enforcement be it in Nigeria or UK as professionals, yet discreetly registered a ‘charitable association’ with no relevance to charity with the code-named ‘Association of British-Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers’, ABLE. To these Nigerians in Europe, it is incredible that a supposedly charity organization whose
membership ought to be strictly, holistically of trained and practicing law enforcement officers whose careers are distinguished to the British and Nigerian governments were rather established by civilians with no traceable root or story to law enforcement, but a covert-plan to enrich themselves by extorting Nigerians and awaiting donations from donors to survive upon.
In an electronic mail to us Israel Emmanuel, a Nigerian engineer resident in Netherlands said: “I am so shocked to hear that some Nigerian gangsters could just gather themselves together and form a charitable association in UK calling themselves ABLE. In all sincerity, they are not ABLE, but UNENABLE. These are some of our Nigerian people soiling our names abroad.
Why will they call their association ABLE with no law enforcement career status as would have expected by their name? Why will they have a charitable association, yet demanding 150 pounds from intending Nigerians to join them. They are bunch of contradictions. I went  through their websites, where they later claim they are friends of ABLE. You cannot
aprobate and reprobate the same time. You can never give what don’t have.
They are square pegs in round holes or round pegs in square holes.”

Obviously furious Anayo Ndubuisi, a Nigerian undergraduate in University of Oxford lambasted the ABLE group, when he questioned their rationale behind the association. His words: “It is very clear that some Nigerians are ready to do anything just to keep earning their livelihood. The creation of ABLE by  these Nigerians is built on the threshold of falsehood and lies because none of the executives could claim to be a law enforcement officer, rather they will end up being friends of ABLE. It is a shame that in this 21st century, Nigerians still have amongst themselves desperate people who are ready to hide under any name to perpetuate fraud.
We are closely monitoring all of them and soonest, we shall further expose all their hidden atrocities. It is just a matter of time, everything hidden in darkness will come to the open in the light.”

Corroborating this view, Olorunishola Ololade, a Nigerian resident in Dublin, Ireland has this to say on ABLE: “They are a group of exploiters.
There is no single truth in them. They have no ideology, no vision, but would rather think of creating hoax conferences to secure funds from donor agencies claiming to be charity, lying to the people with falsified impression as law enforcement operatives. They are liars. They should go and look for other responsible work to do.”

On the home page of their website:, their president, Oluwayemisi Jenkins wrote: “The criteria to become a member of ABLE officers are to work with any law enforcement agency, either in UK or in Nigeria or as an associate member/Friends of ABLE. Intending member would agree with the vision of ABLE, complete the registration form and pay the annual fee of 150pounds(UK sterling).”

Able_FinalPicture2 jpeg

These enemies of Nigeria’s progress, the ABLE executives are: Oluwayemisi Jenkins as President, Akin Akinleye-Vice President, Samson Olanipekun-Secretary, Emmanuel Feyisetan-Public Relations Officer, Olufunke Oduntan-Treasurer and Emmanuel Longe-Assistant Treasurer.


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