Unknown gunman jumps in front of moving car, instantly regrets it

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An unknown gunman who jumped in front of a moving car in Abuja received a lesson he would not forget in a hurry.

A techpreneur, Uzoma Nwagba, narrated how the gunman, who was hiding in the bushes in the Guzape area of Abuja, jumped in front of his car suddenly and beckoned on his colleagues to join him.

Tweeting from @uzonwagba, Nwagba said that his driver, who was behind the wheels, did not hesitate before ramming into the armed intruder.

He said the incident occurred on Saturday night.

“Hours into Abuja, I’ve just had a gun pulled on me by a man jumping out of the bush, around Guzape, while beckoning on others to join him.

“We’ll never know what would have happened, thanks to the craze of my driver, Solomon, who rammed into him and zoomed off. I usually only read about things like this.

“The next part shouldn’t be funny, but it is: we get to a police checkpoint 5 minutes later and I report the incident. Officer acknowledges how much trauma that must have been.

“He kindly suggests I play some music to cheer me up. They seem unprepared to do much more than that, and I may never know if I do not follow-up (I plan to, took some details),” he wrote.

Nwagba thanked God for sparing his life and expressed sympathy for those who might have fallen victim to the gunmen.

“To coexist in hope and despair is to survive here. I’d have said thank God I’m alive, etc (and that would be true), but God does not love any less the people who do get shot or kidnapped.

“We just need to fix our country so we have fewer ‘testimonies’,” he added.

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