Husband of Nigerian Prostitute Found Dead In Scotland Says He Never Knew She Was A Hooker


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Gareth McGraa, ex-husband to the deceased sex worker, Jessica McGraa, has expressed his shock at finding out about the private and secret life of the mother of one who was found dead in a rented flat in Aberdeen, Scotland about 500 miles away from her home in London.


56 years Old Gareth McGraa, who believed the deceased sex worker was making money from selling hair extensions expressed utter shock and disbelief. Adding that it grieved him to find out she’d deceived him all along.

“I honestly believed that she was making her money from hair extensions. She was a very pious girl – she dragged me to church even and that’s not easy”, he said.

Gareth and Jessica split when their now six years old child was a year old, adding that they both got back and had several reunions and he always hoped they would end up back together permanently

On how they met, Gareth explained that he met Jessica at a Port Harcourt bar in 2005 while working as the Chief Mechanic with Atlantic Drilling in Nigeria.

“We were married in Nigeria very shortly after that. Her family were there and we celebrated in a hotel restaurant in Lagos. I knew she was using me for a passport to a certain extent but I felt more than that. We had our barneys like couples do but I spoke to her every other day. She was with me for 10 years.”

Gareth who claimed to have spoken with Jessica 3 days before she was found dead in the Aberdeen flat expressed total shock both at her death and the double life she led.

“She liked to be the centre of attention but she wasn’t a girl to put it about – she wasn’t at all like that, never. When I met her I don’t think she’d had more than a handful of lovers in all her life. She wasn’t cheap and liked her Gucci and Armani handbags. She loved the high life and wanted all her dreams to come true tomorrow. I knew what I was walking into but I really cared for her. To my mind, and hers, we were going to get back together at some point. I wanted it, she wanted it so why not? But I only ever got half the story. I thought I knew her and it hurts” He lamented.

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