Russia-Ukraine War: US Officials Believe Putin’s Daughters Are Hiding His Wealth

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US officials believe Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters, Katerina and Maria,are hiding his wealth.

Hence, according to reports from Reuters, the latest round of US sanctions on Russia includes Putin’s two daughters.

Putin’s daughter Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova is a tech executive whose work supports the Russian government and its defense industry, according to details in the US sanctions package announced on Wednesday.

Putin’s daughters Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova (Right) & Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova (Left)
Putin’s daughters, Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova (Right) & Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova (Left)

His other daughter Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova leads government-funded programs that have received billions of dollars from the Kremlin toward genetics research, and are personally overseen by Putin, the United States said.

“We have reason to believe that Putin, and many of his cronies, and the oligarchs, hide their wealth, hide their assets, with family members that place their assets and their wealth in the US financial system, and also many other parts of the world,” a senior US administration official said.

“We believe that many of Putin’s assets are hidden with family members, and that’s why we’re targeting them,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

President Biden among other things, had this to say regarding the latest wave of sanctions:

“Russia has already failed in its initial war” after the country’s forces were turned back from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. He cautioned, however, that “this fight is far from over.”

“This war could continue for a long time,” but the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine and Ukrainians in the fight for freedom, Biden said. “We’re going to stifle Russia’s ability to grow for years to come,” Biden said.

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