Usain Bolt Offered European Professionals Football Deal

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Do you love watching football? We are sure you too love betting on football matches with Betway, just like many of your friends. However, did you know that there is a new professional footballer around who is starting to make news? One who has already made his name when it comes to athletics?

Sprinting crown Usain Bolt was offered a professional football contract for two years period in Malta as per the reports following his moves in Australia.

Bolt’s Football Journey

Since he arrived Australia in August, he has been on a trail with the Australian professional soccer club, i.e., the Central Cost Mariners Football Club based in Gosford, in a pursuit to achieve his dream to become a professional football player post his retirement from athletics.

This 32-year-old Sprinter made his debut goal in a professional football in a pre-season game in Sydney played against Macarthur South-West United.

What’s the offer?

According to the news published in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Malta Club Valletta made an offer to this eight-times Olympic gold medal winner  including his play in its upcoming  final match in the Maltese Super-Cup match on 13th of December this year with Balzan and the move is described by the MD & CEO, Ghasston Slimen as ‘about writing history’. He said that they always welcome the champions and they believe in the saying that nothing is impossible.

He also told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that he has been following Bolt since one and a half year on his football journey. He was very confident of winning the Super Cup and asked to imagine Usain Bolt lifting the Trophy exactly ten years after he broke the record in Beijing in 2008.

The newspaper also added that the European team was recently bought by the investors who want the team to qualify for the group stages of Europe’s Champions League, with a bid that includes commercial incentives.

Tony Rallis, Usain Bolt’s agent in Australia also confirmed the move by the European Club.

What is the Mariner’s Stand

Though Bolt secured his place by scoring two goals from the Mariners team in a pre-season match (trail), he was not offered any professional contract by the Australian-League team.

One of the Mariners spokesmen said that there would be no considerable change in Usain’s position in the club, saying that the reports that he might quit his trial are just rumours. Notably, the Jamaican champion has had a hope to get a contract before the Mariners’ 2018 to 19 Australian-League campaign which will start this weekend.

According to some other media reporters, the Mariners are awaiting the governing body, The Football Federation Australia, to decide on whether it is willing to contribute to a potential 3 Million Australian Dollars (US$2.1 million) offer to Usain Bolt.

What Australian Pundits think?

Many Australian soccer experts said that there was no doubt that Bolt improved a lot but they felt that he was definitely not at a level to compete in the top flight.

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