VIDEO: Man Catches Prophet Sleeping With His Wife, Threatens To Kill Him


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A video has emerged of a married man embarrassing his wife and a prophet after he caught them having sex on his matrimonial bed.

In the amateur footage that is currently trending on social media, the man, who spoke in Yoruba, can be heard saying that he had heard rumour that his wife was cheating on him with the prophet but did not take it seriously.

In the 59-second video, the man said that his wife, whom he called Abike, had told him she was going for a vigil the previous evening.

The man added that he went to work in the morning and only briefly came back home to drop his wife’s feeding allowance for the day when he caught them in the act.

He said he had gone to great lengths to satisfy his wife, wondering what he had done wrong to deserve the treatment she meted out to him.

He threatened to stab and kill the prophet if he made any attempt to escape.

However, The Herald could not independently verify when and where the incident took place.

Marital infidelity is a global phenomenon, with a report claiming that 40 percent of marriages experience either one or both partners cheating at a point.

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