VIDEO: US servicemen affirm COVID-19 vaccine snub


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A video making the rounds shows US military personnel confidently stating they had declined or not taken COVID-19 vaccine.

In the 40-second video, an unseen interviewer moves around to ask several servicemen if they had taken the vaccine.

Some of the servicemen can be seen making funny faces as they curtly replied in the negative, with some stating that would not take it.

Only one out of about eight interviewees said that had taken the COVID-19 jab.

The undated video appears to portray apathy to the vaccine among young US military personnel, in spite of¬†President Joe Biden’s drive to make the vaccine available to all American adults by April 19.

Watch video:

Addressing apathy for the vaccine among young servicemen, Acting Assistant Defense Secretary for Health Affairs, Terry Adirim, said, “We have heard anecdotally that younger people may feel that they’re not as vulnerable to Covid and that perhaps the risk of getting vaccinated is higher than getting the disease, which of course we know not to be true.

“So there’s all kinds of reasons, and it’s similar to what we see in the civilian sector, and this is an area where I think we do a lot better in focusing on that population.”

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