(Video): White US Soldier Punches Black Man To The Ground, Sits On His Chest

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the white soldier and black man

An African-American man was punched to the ground and sat on by a white soldier on whose car he spat.

A witness, Said Hamideh, shared footage of the incident which occurred in Elmwood Avenue, in Buffalo, New York on Thursday.

In the cellphone video, the black man can be seen walking towards and lunging at the white soldier.

The soldier retaliates by landing a heavy blow on the side of the black man’s face, dazing him in the process.

He then wrestles the man to the ground before sitting on his chest while awaiting the arrival of the police.

According to Daily Mail, the incident was sparked when the black man, who Hamideh believed to be mentally unstable, spat at the soldier’s car.

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The witness said the black man made derogatory remarks about the military and called the soldier a p*ssy.

This led to an exchange of words between the duo which degenerated into fisticuffs.

The soldier

Hamideh said the soldier waited for the black man to approach him and make contact before responding with a “haymaker” of a punch.

He then sat on the black man’s chest as the beaten man can be heard screaming for the soldier to “get the f**k off me”.

Watch video here

The Buffalo Police Department has yet to comment on the incident.





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