(Video): Young Househelp Reveals How She Laced Employer’s Food With Poison

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A young househelp named Taibat has explained how she laced food meant for her employers with pesticide in retaliation for being denied food.

This is according to a video circulating on social media on Wednesday.

The young girl, who was being interrogated by a woman in Yoruba, said that she added drops of the liquid “Nopest” pesticide into a vegetable delicacy to be consumed by her employer she referred to as “Grandma” and other members of her employer’s family.

She said “Grandma” had refused to give her a portion of the vegetable stew as punishment for stealing crayfish.

Taibat could be seen in the video saying that her action caused “Grandma” and others that consumed the stew to stool and vomit.

She stressed that their suffering gave her happiness.

Watch video:

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