Violent Crimes For Valentines? Sexyy Red Recounts Felonious February 14th Gift

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In a recent interview that has been making waves across social media, rapper Sexxy Red, known for her track “Pound Town,” revealed the most romantic gesture a man had ever done for her. The rapper took the opportunity to recount this memorable moment during a conversation with Montreality.

Sexxy Red

Reflecting on her past, Sexxy Red shared the story of her first boyfriend’s heartfelt demonstration of love on Valentine’s Day when she was still in high school by robbing a man and giving her all the money.

He was a little older than me, and it was Valentine’s Day. I’ll never forget,” she vividly described. “He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the belt he stole. And it was just so sweet, ’cause he was out of breath and stuff.

Continuing, the rapper delved into the details of the peculiar gesture. “He was like, ‘Here, I just got this for you.’ I was like, ‘Awe, so sweet. Thank you.’ Because nobody ever did nothing like that for me. He stole for me. So, I was like, ‘Oh, you did that for me? Really?’

Sexxy Red further elaborated, emphasizing the sentiment behind the unconventional act of love. “And I know he didn’t have it. So, the fact that you still made a way and you did what you had to do, that was nice. And it was only $13. But it was nice. And it was a fake Gucci belt…It was sweet.

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