#WCW: Instagram Fitness Celebrity is fitness goals for all ages and body types


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Women are Extraordinary whether she’s your girlfriend, your best friend, your favorite activist, author, or insta celeb. 

It’s important to have one woman in your life that inspires you with their strength, beauty, and their lifestyle, Today we’ve singled out a woman whose lifestyle is sufficient for admiration and even emulation. 

Strong, Brillant, and beautiful are the adjectives that can be used to describe this stunning woman.

She doesn’t just have a banging body but a great personality that shines through her pictures on IG.

Exercise is one thing but healthy eating is the engine of it all, and she seems to have an extensive grasp on both.


She’s the queen of healthy eating, Former D1 track and field thrower. She’s also the go to girl for organic brands. If you want a healthy mind, body and the works, her page should be your plug, cause with her regular pep talks and workout videos, you’d be motivated to keep to exercising and healthy eating which would make you feel the burn in the right places and pay off in the long run 🏃 

Today’s #WCW is the beautiful, fit and [email protected]_tofitness 


Head over to her page and thank us later ❤️🥰

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