We Have No Connection With The Terrorists, Iran Says


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In a reaction to the arrest and parading of suspected terrorists by the State Security Service in Abuja on Wednesday, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran yesterday officially denied any links with the suspects.

The Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria, Saeed Kozechi said in an emailed statement.

“The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Abuja strongly rejects any connection of Iran with the alleged terrorist activities.

“The embassy deems it necessary to present the following explanations for the illumination of public opinion and especially the great nation of Nigeria.

“The spokesperson for the SSS, in an interview on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, alleged that some Nigerian nationals arrested in connection with terrorist activities were supported by Iran and this news was covered by (the) mass media.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, on the basis of her foreign policy, considers the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an important, effective country with high capacity on the African continent, as well as international arena and has always announced her preparedness to expand and consolidate her relations with Nigeria in various areas.

In line with the mutual interest, the process of both countries’ cooperation has been developed within the last one year.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, for more than three decades, has always been faced with many kinds of threats and organised terrorist activities such as state terrorism and fully understands its problems and hardships and condemns terrorism in any form.

“Due to the situation and position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, some powerful and domineering states, by resorting to the illegitimate means and by organising and supporting terrorism and delinquent groups, have attempted to work out and implement the Iranophobia project in countries which enjoy good capacity in terms of cooperation with Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran firmly believes that the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, through wise and foresighted approach and with the support of the people, can identify the roots of unrest and terrorism in the country and eliminate them. And the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no efforts to assist Nigeria.”

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