What I Do When People Call Me Clueless – Jonathan


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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has revealed what he does whenever Nigerians call him “clueless”.

The ex-president made this known in his new book titled, “My Transition Hours,” which was unveiled on Tuesday.

He accused those calling his adminstration “clueless” as “propagandists trying to stand logic on its head”.

Jonathan said, “Sometimes I laugh when certain propagandists attempt to stand logic on its head by maligning my administration as one bereft of ideas and clueless. In assessing my administration, it is best to focus on facts.

“I cannot assess myself. I leave that to history and I make bold to say that never in the history of Nigeria till date has the nation had such a star-studded cabinet full of achievers and people who got to the top of their chosen fields by merit.”

He added that while he did not take kindly to the appellation, he was particularly pained by the hounding of his ministers and other members of his administration.

He stated, “Most painful has been the attacks on my ministers, aides, associates and even members of my family. There is an attempt to erase our legacy from history. The good thing is that the unending barrage of attacks, deliberate misinformation, and programmed media smear campaigns have failed to sway the opinions of those with the clear view of our beliefs, efforts, and achievements.

“There are millions of Nigerians and others around the world who are still impressed with our modest achievements in consolidating democracy and growing the nation’s economy. They will continue to serve as my strength and encouragement,” he said.

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