What Will Happen To Yahoo+ Boys Within 3 To 7 Years – Lagos Ifa Priest


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A popular Ifa priest and Awise of Lagos,  Chief Fashola Savage, has predicted a terrible ending for internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys who use female pants for money rituals.

The priest disclosed this in a recent interview with New Telegraph will reacting to the recent trend of men snatching female underwears, sometimes at gunpoint, allegedly for ritual purposes.

He disclosed that it was against the law of nature for human beings to be used for rituals, saying that was what the Yahoo boys were doing.

Savage said, “There’s definitely repercussions for them. They have limited time to live. Whatever they are doing with it, whether physical or spiritual, or in whatever form, if you use any human parts or bodily materials that belong to a woman to do any form of wickedness, when the person they use to do the Juju dies, the spirit of that person will hunt that person for life. It is also against the law of nature to use another human being as a form of sacrifice. In the first and second world war, majority of people on the field were men. So the law of nature does not enforce the women to go to war. So the spirit of those women they are using for sacrifice or using any part of their body will hunt them.

“Whatever fortune they might have made through that process will diminish within three to seven years. There’s a limited time for them to enjoy whatever money they might have made through that means. It’s just within three to seven years. This is because that spirit will come back to hunt the person within that space of time. Whatever empire, business venture, vehicles or properties they must have acquired from it will damage or vanish. It is vanity upon vanity.”

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