(VIDEO): Black woman slaps white lady who told her to go back to her country

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A middle-aged white lady has gotten herself slapped for condescendingly telling an African-American lady to “go back to your country”.

The incident occurred in a grocery store in an undisclosed American city.

But an undated video of the incident is currently circulating online.

In the 1:24-minute cell phone video, the white lady can be heard telling the black lady to leave the store following an altercation between them.

Another person, who is recording but whose face did not show on camera, can also be heard querying the white lady over the propriety of her comment.

The white lady can also be seen pacing around the store and at a point attempts to physically evict the black woman, who reacts by dishing her a resounding slap.

The incident is coming as protests swept across America over the May 25 death of an African-American man, George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Although the protest started out as a demonstration to end racial injustice in the country, widespread reports of rioting, looting and arson have been reported across various cities.

Watch video:

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