Why Fifth Calumny Against Hon Femi Gbajabiamila – By Abba Dukawa


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Regardless of this evil agenda to smear the hard earning reputation of Hon Femi Gbajabiamila even though this reoccurring allegation is baseless just its aim to poison the minds of Nigerians against Hon Femi but it will fail woefully. Those behind it are not new in this antics toward him the agenda is to smear his reputation through “creation of illusion of truth”. Ideas of repeated lying until people are forced to believe.  

In his usual manner he has maintained a dignified silence knowing truth to be a constant until Director General Of The Femi/Wase Campaign held Press Briefing described it as baseless allegations has been washed in the media which has become a reoccurring fabrication of false accusations and outright lies against the person of the Leader House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila.  

In view of this Campaign Secretariat of Femi/Wase categorically deny it as he has never been convicted for any crime in the United States of America, Nigeria or any other country around the world for that matter. And neither been accused of corruption and has no corruption case hanging on his neck in Nigeria or anywhere around the world.

Despite that Hon Femi Gbajabiamila remain focused, undeterred and prepared for whatever antics they may further unfold because he has not committed Perjury and has never committed perjury in Nigeria or any country of the world. Hon Femi has had a successful private legal practice career both in Nigeria and abroad. He has had a distinguished career in the parliament being a 5 term Member and rising all the way in the legislature to minority leader and subsequently majority leader.   

WHY THESE PEOPLES BEHIND   THE BLACKMAIL AFRAID OF HON FEMI AS SPEAKER is simple that he will change the status qou in the House of Representatives and they not want the change because they knows his commitments of runs an all inclusive house and will  carried all along in running the affairs of the house, committees and other responsibilities as Nigerians are tired of seeing such fights with executive arm of government.

These agents of destabilization want to see the National Assembly constantly in crisis and at war with other arms of government because its only benefited them with Hon Femi as Speaker there is hope national assembly will have a cordial relationship with other arms of government. Nigerians want to see , peace and sustainable development not fighting with others arm.

Those behind the allegations are afraid that its matter of days that Femi will be emerge as a Speaker of  the 9th Assembly. He has been endorsed by his colleagues members elect, the president, party leaders, all Governors and other stake holders across party lines. This is first of its kind in the country polity an aspirant of Speakership has received the largest number of endorsement across party lines.

This campaign of calumny is orchestrated to smear his hard earning reputation within and outside the shore of Nigeria.  Some years he has put this matter out and there in the public domain and he said it comprehensively on the alleged.

Dukawa can be reached at abbahydukawa@gmail.com

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