Why I posted my nude photos online – Popular musician Salawa Abeni


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Popular Waka singer, Salawa Abeni has explained the reason behind her decision to share her nude photos on the internet earlier in the year.

She said she took the step to quash a move to blackmail her with the photos.

Abeni gave the explanation in an interview with Sunday Sun, noting that she reported the matter to the police on April 1 and the teenage blackmailer was caught a few days after.

Explaining how it all happened, the 59-year-old musician said, “I give thanks to Almighty Allah and the Nigeria Police, especially the RRS Squad. I reported to them on April 1, when the boy first called me around 9:00a.m.

“He said, ‘Good morning madam, I have your nude pictures’. That was what he said. He began to send the pictures to me. At a point, he made a video call, but I didn’t pick it. After that, he said I should get back to him so that we can negotiate.

“It was then I decided to post the pictures online by myself, after consulting my children. Till today, I don’t know where I took the nude pictures he’s talking about.

“But I decided to post them on my page. Maybe I took the pictures in the hospital or while I was with my partner, because that’s what he wanted to hammer on.

“But because he wanted to spoil my career, which God built since I was a child, I decided to act fast; and God saw me through the ordeal.”

Abeni further explained that she was surprised to know how young the alleged blackmailer and his mother were.

“I finally met the boy in the police station. I was dumbfounded to see a small boy, he is 19 years old. And his mother said she is 40 years old, which means I’m old enough to be his grandmother. I felt so bad.

“I said, ‘you this small boy, what is my offence? What did I do? Who sent you? What did you want to achieve by doing this?’ He said he saw my memory card on the floor in his school at Yaba College of Technology.

“I scolded him that he is not thinking of building his career in order to encourage other youths.

“I reported the case on April 1, and two days before Ramadan, the boy was caught.”

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