Why Northern elders can’t advise public office holders about region’s problems – Shehu Sani

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Senator Shehu Sani says that public office holders in the North are missing out on good advice from elders that could help address problems facing the region.

He said that many of the elders whose experience, wisdom and counselling could have been beneficial to those in positions of authority have chosen to remain silent to avoid being insulted.

According to him, this was because many followers of the public office holders saw them as infallible tin-gods.

Sani, who represented Kaduna Central senatorial district in the 8th Senate, said that such followers were always quick to rain insults on anyone who dared to advise the office holders.

Taking to his Facebook page on Wednesday, Sani said, “Many respected elders in the north whose experience, wisdom and counseling could have helped those in leadership in tackling the contemporary challenges of the region have noticeably withdrawn and took to silence.

“When I visited one of them in his Kaduna home yesterday, his response goes.. ‘My son, what advice should we give to leaders who thinks they know everything and the followers worship and believe that their leaders are infallible….At this age, we choose not to be insulted on social media by our grandchildren’.”

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