Woman Accused Of Defiling Her Matrimonial Bed Speaks Up (Video)

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The woman who was earlier accused of having sex with a random man in her matrimonial bed has finally reacted to the video.

In the initial video, the woman was seen begging a man who is believed to be her husband to leave the man alone as he knew nothing.

One of the family members made a video of her tying only a towel while the man was being confronted by some of the people present.

The woman, who is yet to be identified, made a video to clear the air surrounding the initial video that went viral.

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In the video, she revealed that she is not legally married to the man, revealing that he is just the father of her children.

She added that when he traveled in 2014, he called her to block him from every platform, emphasizing that she should not attach his name to anything, which she did.

She revealed that she has lacked attention as he does not call her unless she uses a different number to call him. She went on to say that in 2019, he decided to come back to Nigeria after being gone for so long.

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