Wrestling World Thrown Into Mourning After 3 WWE Legends Die In One Day

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The entire wrestling world was thrown into a state of mourning after it was discovered that 3 of the sport’s legends died on the same day.

Brian Christopher Lawler, who went by the name Grandmaster Sexay, Brickhouse Brown and Nikolai Volkoff all died on the same day in what will be a painful memory for wrestling fans for years to come.

Lawler died after attempting suicide in prison in Memphis.

The son of wrestling legend Jerry Lawler was found by guards in his cell and was taken to a hospital where they tried to stabilize him and he was subsequently placed on life support, but he died soon after.

Lawler had been arrested in Tennessee earlier this month for DUI and had been arrested and incarcerated.

The second wrestling legend to bite the dust was Nikolai Volkoff who died at the age of 70.

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Volkoff, whose real name is Josip Nikolai Peruzović was a popular figure in the 1980s and was famed for his antagonistic style in the ring.

The wrestling hall of famer had provoked audiences with his scarlet-and-gold outfits and Soviet flag-waving.

He also on several occasions, tried to get the crowd to sing the Soviet Union’s anthem with him and this made his a villain in the ring which was good for the sport at the time.

The WWE released a statement about his death stating: “As one of the greatest villains sports-entertainment had ever seen, Volkoff’s infamous rendition of the Soviet National Anthem before his matches made him an instant icon in the eyes of the WWE Universe as a Superstar they truly loved to hate,”

The third wrestling legend, Brickhouse Brown, 57, died of cancer.

There was a general feeling of sadness amongst wrestling fans with Diamond Dallas Page stating on Twitter: “Today is a super sad day for me and wrestling fans everywhere. I just found out NiKolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler & Brickhouse Brown all passed away today. It literally took my breathe away. My deepest sympathies go out to all their families. God Bless you brothers. Gods Speed DDP”


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