Yobe Governor, R3 and other tasks – By Abba Dukawa


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All eyes are now on Mai Mala Buni to consolidate on the achievements of Gaidam and equally expand the frontiers of development in Yobe state. Even though Yobe state had its own bitter taste of the Boko Haram insurgency, which practically stalled development in areas that have direct impact on the human capital development indices. Even with this mountainous challenges, former governor Gaidam has performed greatly in provision of infrastructure and social services ranging from health care delivery to schools, roads, agriculture, and building the confidence of the citizenry in the government.

For the administration to achieve these tasks its needs to implement far reaching policies and programmes toward making the State achieve its full potentials to greatness through the policy of continuity and consolidation of legacy achievements recorded by the former administration. Governor Mala reiterated his administration readiness to explore and exploit new avenues and opportunities locally, nationally and, internationally, to improve and expand the existing structured policies and programmes for delivering maximum dividends of democracy to the people.

In his inaugural speech, Governor Mala unveiled his administration readiness to partner with North East Development Commission, local and international humanitarian organizations toward implementation of his ambitious Resettlement, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (R3), for the people affected by insurgency to live a life of honor and dignity. He also proffers to create employment opportunities to stimulate the economy for improved revenue generation, and industrialize the state for the greater wealth creation. Bunu’s Administration, knowing that the state economy is largely dependent on the Federal allocation with very low Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

No doubt, the state is blessed with economic tree and massively housed by plants such as Sesame Seeds; and the product is in high industrial demand for pharmaceuticals and confectionary use in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia. The administration seen it necessary to improve the state low Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) through taking good advantage of the state solid mineral potentials and rich agricultural lands which can turn around the economic fortunes of Yobe State for better. This can be achievable as the state is endowed with numerous solid mineral deposits in commercial quantities which were verified to be of high quality including Limestone, Kaolin, Gypsum among others. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development record shows there is estimated livestock population of 3 million goats being the highest in the country, over 2.7 million herds of cattle and 2.1 million sheep. With these huge potential, livestock farmers would be supported and provided with incentives to boost production.and to provide tractors to farmers at the beginning of every rainy season across the 17 local government areas of the state

To achieved his economic and human developments blueprints Buni assured Yobean that his administration would intensify efforts to put into better economic use by reviving and putting back to production of the government-owned companies like, Gujba Fertiliser Blending Plant, Polythene, Woven Sacks Factory, and the Yobe Flour and Feed Mills and the Sahel Aluminium company in order to create employment opportunities and boost internal revenue. Already the governor has directed the State Ministry of Commerce and Investment to undertake comprehensive analyses and submit report on what might be needed to revive, resuscitate or replace and upgrade the equipments in these respective companies.

On infrastructure, the governor has promised to complete roads inherited from the former administration and construct new roads, among others and set to construct modern markets in major towns and provide befitting trailer park in Potiskum and some other towns, he has declared a state of emergency on both primary and secondary education in the state, saying decision was to consolidate on the solid foundation put in place by his predecessor

Governor Mala Buni’s administration considered it necessary to upgrade the capacities of health institutions in the State by providing state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipments to provide the best services to the people. The administration pledged to provides one healthcare centre in each of the 178 political wards in the state. To achieve this noble plan the Government will look into the welfare of healthcare providers to enhance healthcare delivery.

Knowing the significance of public service sector in the state, the administration assured adequate support training and retraining of the work force for capacity building to enhance efficiency and productivity. Already he has fulfilled, as workers’ salaries in the state would be paid on or before 25th of each month. Government has put the machinery in motion towards ensuring implementation of the approved thirty thousand (N30, 000. 00) naira national minimum wage. In his efforts to align his manifesto, campaign promises and the visions and missions outlined here, a Committee will be formed to set out implementation priorities and strategies in the short, medium and long term basis covering each sector for government intervention after proper assessment

It is worthy to note that Mala Buni’s administration will pursue every opportunity with high sense of responsibility to ensure that, what rightly belongs to the State in terms of appointments, projects and programmes are given to the state. His administration would partner with both national legislators to pursue our entitlements with vigour. Pledged State’s quota in Federal appointments are fully accessed and occupied by Yobe people and vivacious desk officers will be established at the Abuja Liaison Office to monitor and pursue our dues and entitlements.

The era of short changing the State is over.

Dukawa, public affairs commentator, writes from Kano state

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