Yoruba boys brutally murder Hausa in Ibafo


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Tension gripped the Ibafo area of Ogun state on Wednesday after an Hausa man was stabbed to death by three youth in the area.

According to report, the Hausa man, Musa Hussein, who worked as a porter was stabbed by the three men after he stepped on the toe of one 27-year-old who was accompanied by his friends to dispose trash at about 11:00pm on Tuesday night.

The altercation between the Hausa man and the friends however degenerated into a fist cuff after heated exchange of words leading to a gross assault on the Hausa man by the friends.

Hussein was reported to have attempted to defend himself with a fork but it was turned on him and used to stab him in the chest.

The victim of the assault was reported to have been rushed to the hospital where he was later confirmed dead.

However, the incident leading to the death of the Hausa man threw residents of the area into gloom and panic as some Yoruba traders and residents were reported to have fled the community for the dear of possible retaliation from the Hausa community.

Elders in the community were reported to have intervened in the matter and appealed to the Hausa youth who protested the killing of one of their own.

Speaking on the incident, the Kara-Ibafo Chief Security Officer, Usman Aliyu, told PUNCH that the area is in need to beefed up security to forestall any breakdown of law and order.

He added that the killing was over an issue which could have been resolved amicably.

“The boy was a porter. He carried loads for people at the Ibafo bus stop and he had been doing that since he came to Ogun State from the village in Sokoto about five years ago. Last night (Tuesday), he and his friend helped a woman to dispose rubbish in a dump. They were paid N700 for the job. They were looking for a place to share their money when he (Hussein) mistakenly stepped on one Yoruba boy.

“Hussein said sorry to him, but the Yoruba boy said it was not enough and started abusing him. That was how they started an argument.

“Suddenly, two other Yoruba boys came from nowhere and attacked him. The three of them started beating him. One of them picked a sharp object on the ground and stabbed Hussein in the chest. We took him to a hospital, where he died.”

Speaking on the incident, a resident of the area who pleaded anonymity stated that the deceased’s weapon of defense, a fork, was used on him leading to his death.

“Since the incident happened, there has been fear and some people ran away because the Hausas appear not to be taking it lying down. But there is calm now after our community leaders mediated.”

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