Why do Young Nigerian Men Want Women To Pay On Dates?


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Joro Olumofin is a social media influencer who runs an Instagram love doctor page where he allows his approx 200k page followers tackle relationship issues emailed in from other members of the page.

Recently he has been asking why Nigerisn women don’t want to pay on dates at all. And the topic has been raising a lot of eyebrows, courting controversy and different views over the subject matter.

What immediately comes to mind is “is chivalry dead in Nigeria?” By the rules of old school, a man has always traditionally been the provider. That is his natural gender role. It is his safe space, the reason Tarzan beats his chest and swings off with Jane into the night.

Joro says in a video on the women paying subject, ” “Hi guys, I wanna just drop something here about this issue of paying on dates; ladies paying on dates. Some ladies don’t want to pay on dates at all, even if it is the fifteenth date; she doesn’t care, she is not paying.

He continues, “I had a very very interesting chat with a group of people yesterday, that lasted for almost two hours; two hours of arguing on who should pay on a date and who shouldn’t pay and my own thought is this; From the third or fourth date, you should at least offer to pay for a bottle of water, pay for your own cab, buy your own petrol. Contribute something apart from showing up and looking pretty.

“I saw a video yesterday, that people kept tagging me on where the girl said; my hair cost this, my shoe cost that. Come on, the guy too came prepared and was wearing nice very very nice shoes and native as well and what some ladies don’t understand is that there are some ladies out there who pay on dates; the first, second, third dates. Guys would rather go out with these ladies who pay on dates than the ladies who don’t pay. so I’ll advise you; buy a bottle of water.”

Recession ti take over. It is either that or the natural instincts of a man are being eroded. If you haven’t committed to a woman by the 5th to the 14th date, you are possibly one of those types they call Lord of the Rings special assignment bearers and as such you should be made to pay a premium on dates. If you have committed to a woman and she happens to believe you, she will not even demand further dates from you. She will prefer to Netflix and chill.

The problem with men today is a lot of them want to go on dates whilst they should be hustling. A wise man once said “you lose money chasing women but you never lose women chasing money.”
If one is not prepared to work, why should one be prepared to reap the rewards of working. So many beta males now are driving women towards feminism by lying to them, breaking their hearts after deceiving them and leading them on.
Many more men have descended into gold digger1 status and they want a woman that will take care of them. An effeminate trait by design.

Another problem is men are not dating the woman they would like to marry but the woman they want to sleep with.

Let us not act like all women are innocent either.
If it takes 15 dates to get to know a potential partner, then you should opt out and look for a fish in the sea that is more closely suited to your appetites.

If you are so desperate to see her then spend that check or just fall back and stay in your lane. Maybe if the youth spent less time dating and trying to solve the national quagmire we are all faced with, Nigeria will forge ahead.

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