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$15,000 raised in 24hrs For Brave 3-year-old Fighting Cancer But More Help Required

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A three-year-old girl, Moyo Tegbe is battling Cancer and needs help. Moyo through the generosity of Nigerians have under 24hrs raised a whopping $15000 out of the $200000 goal.

Her parents in their pitch for Gofundme, explained that young Moyo had fallen over a toy while playing with friends and from then on they had been through a lot.

Explaining the situation, her Parents wrote:

Moyosore, our three year old, is a cancer warrior. Unfortunately, the cancer has impacted Moyo’s femur (thigh bone) in a way that requires reconstructive surgery.

It’s been a tedious journey but sometimes it feels like just days ago that we carried our toddler into the emergency room. What started as a seemingly simple bone injury in the fall of 2016 (Moyo tripped on a toy while playing with friends), has evolved into an unexpected medical challenge. It’s still uncertain when the cancer started but the innocuous injury seems to have brought attention to something more sinister in Moyo’s little body.

Moyo has completed multiple rounds of chemotherapy, which have largely controlled the tumor and started to reduce the size of the tumor. The medical options available for the control of her cancer are to either amputate her leg or to undergo a limb-sparing reconstructive surgery to replace the affected thigh bone area with healthier bone. Both options require ongoing medical management, especially during Moyo’s high growth years.

To offer Moyo a chance to live without reliance on a prosthetic leg, we elected for the reconstructive surgery. This reconstructive surgery costs $200,000 and our insurance company denied to approve for Moyo to have a chance to save her leg. Please support Moyo’s reconstructive surgery by donating financially, spreading the word, and most importantly, keeping Moyo in your prayers.

Help give Moyo a chance to keep running, walking, and dancing in step with her friends and siblings! Together, with God, we will beat this cancer, keep Moyo’s leg, and put the enemy to shame.

May God bless your giving and reward you beyond your wildest imagination

People have been phenomenal so far, giving and lending support, if you haven’t been able to and you want help support their page, go here

Even just sharing the page would be a huge help.

Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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