Concept Cars: Meet 7 Of The Craziest Designs Unveiled In 2017

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Concept cars can only get better with the design and the futuristic add-ons tested by car makers to make their brand the specific best in the automobile market.

However, of all the futuristic cars and crazy concept designs touted by automobile manufacturers, some of them have been rated the craziest in terms of what to expect, functions, quality and premium design.

Automakers have been known to use the concept cars to showcase what they have in mind for the future and these particular picks are way advanced into the future in terms of automobile technology exploit and delivery.

These concept car picks are the most innovative, properly thought out yet crazy design cars which offer a realistic example of features to come in cars in the nearest future.

Meet the 5 craziest concept automobiles.

1. The Fiat Chrysler, unveiled at CES 2017

2. The Rinspeed Oasis car with an actual garden, complete with Bonsai trees and radishes.

3. Honda’s NeuV concept car.

4. Volkswagen’s classic microbus is electrically powered and a revamped Hippiemobile which can drive 270 miles on a single charge.

5. Toyota’s concept car comes with an AI assistant named Yui. Yui is designed to engage you in conversations so you remain awake and aware while driving.

6. BMW’s concept car aims to showcase its vision for ergonomics and aesthetic designs with its homey interior.

7. Nissan did not come into 2017 to joke as it unveiled its VMotion concept car with scissors door, Nissan’s ProPilot system – that allows it drive autonomously at up to 62 mph-, and an amazing interior design.

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