Five unhealthy foods you need to stop eating now

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Dr. Frank Lipman, a top health coach, says there are some foods we need to stop eating as they pose more danger to us than sound health.

The health coach, who gives health advice to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal has listed these foods below as unhealthy.

They are:


Sugar: Scientist have continually  warned us on the excessive intake of sugar, and it’s outcome. The food and Drug Administration,  has said that people should cap consumption  at 50 grams of sugar a day, which is about four tablespoons of sugar.


Processed foods: Most processed  foods, are filled with empty calories. This simply means that we get close to no nutritional  value for the consumption. Examples of such foods  are  : meats, sweets, bread, soda and lots more. Processed  food such as red meats, like bacon have also been associated  with cancer.


Factory farm meat and fish: This tends to be a problem as most of the livestock  are injected with antibiotics  and fed with corn for fast growth, the fish is also injected with antifungal  and hormones, because  of the way they are farmed. The rampant use of these antibiotics in livestock production, is contributing  to the emergency of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, per the centers for disease control.


Juicing  and juice: while eating  fruits and lots of vegetables is  good for the health,  juicing can remove a lot of the fibre that is one of the benefits of eating plants.


Granola and health bars: This is actually  pure junk as it contains so much sugar as additive and it is deceptively unhealthy. While granola may have lots of fibre and Iron, all of the sugar, oils and chocolates that come in these bars are not.



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