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Fanta, Sprite And Vitamin C Declared Poisonous

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A Lagos State High Court in Igbosere has yesterday directed the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, to warn Nigerians against the consumption of Fanta, Sprite along with Vitamin C.

The court ordered the safety agency to compel the Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Plc to include a written warning that the above mentioned drinks should not be consumed with Vitamin C.

Declaring his verdict yesterday, Justice Adedayo Oyebanji gave the order while delivering a judgement in the suit filed by a Lagos businessman, Dr. Emmanuel Fijabi Adebo, and his firm, Fijabi Adebo Holdings Ltd., against NBC and NAFDAC.

The court further warned that taking Fanta and Sprite with Vitamin C is poisonous and awarded the sum of N2 million in damages against the safety agency, NAFDAC citing its failure “to live up to expectations.”

The court further noted that NAFDAC as a regulatory body failed Nigerians by certifying as okay for human consumption the products which failed sample tests in the United Kingdom.

The consumption of the products was certified poisonous in the presence of Ascorbic Acid, known as Vitamin C in the UK.

NBC was further declared as negligent and in breach of its duty of care to its customers by failing to stop the production of Fanta and Sprite which contained excessive “benzoic acid and sunset” additive.

Justice Oyebanji in his judgement said: “In consideration of the fact that this case was filed in 2008 and has been in court for nine years, N2 million is awarded against NAFDAC. Interest shall be paid on the cost awarded at the rate of 10 per cent per annum until liquidation of the said sum.”

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