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Simple tips women use to measure a guy’s package at first sight

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Big hands + big feet = big penis?…big lie!

Doesn’t work that way biko. How do I know??? Don’t ask how! Hey, you know how weight is a thing of insecurity among girls, well, penis size is the leading insecurity next to bank account balance among men.

Let’s talk about how girls measure your penis by just looking at some attributes:

Number 1, STOMACH: am 90% sure about this one, again, don’t ask me how. Dudes with huge tummy usually have tiny penises. I think the stomach swallows the flesh that is meant to be in the penis and they eventually have something that feels like a finger sticking around somewhere under. So yes, big tummy major turn off. Not necessarily because of the tiny penis oh, but because the stomach is just bouncing on you if you are under.

Number 2, MUSCLES (built men): ehhhhnnn, sometimes muscles and chiseled bodies don’t necessarily translate to a well formed package. There are some who work out yet their penis is mediocre, please stop asking how I know! So this is not an assuring criteria for judgment to be based upon.

Number 3, HANDS AND FEET: I know a guy  that has size 47 feet and has a micro penis slightly larger than my index finger. Please, please, please…I measured randomly oh! How I know, okay let me tell you, I just know *shrug.

So yes, guesstimating a penis size by looking at hands or feet is laughable. If you like the penis big, don’t fall for this.

Number 4, HEIGHT AND BUTT: Some girls have come to a conclusion that if you are tall, your penis is tall, again, laughable. Read this one I heard too, I heard that if the butt is big, it means small penis, if it is flat, it means big penis. So, what they are trying to conclude is that flesh shifts, abi? See, let me advise all ye huge package lovers–if you want to know, just ask the guy to show you. He can see yours from your cloth already. But be ready for the consequences.

What did I miss?

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