120 Million Rats to Invade UK Homes

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Rats that are ‘hungry and cold’ could start invading homes across the UK in search for somewhere warmer – pest control chiefs

Experts have warned that severe rain and cold may force our about 120 million rats said to be housed by the undergrounds of Britain

They have also speculated that the rats which are over twice the population of the people in Britain, have caused thousand pounds eoerg of damage.

According to relorts, experts blame the rodents for fires caused by gnawing through electrical cables as well as structural damage to homes by rats eating away at beams.

Paul Bates, the boss of Cleankill Pest Control, is warning people to ‘act now’ to prepare homes against an invasion of the creatures.

He said pest control companies can see a 30 to 40 per cent rise in call-outs for rodent infestations at this time of year.

He said:

‘Recent heavy rain has forced many rats above ground.

‘There is lots of food around for rats at the moment, with ripe fruit and crops from harvesting, so the rat population is peaking at the moment.

‘As it gets colder, however, as it is now, rats will move closer to food supplies indoors and for somewhere warm to nest – that means people’s homes.’

David Penman, 39, of Hastings, East Sussex, said he moved home because of a rat infestation.

The architectural assistant said: ‘I was living in a two-bed rented flat and the noise from the rats last winter was dreadful.

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‘I couldn’t get a wink of sleep some nights and ended up staying at a friend’s house over the weekend just to get some proper sleep. I even booked a hotel for two nights just to get away from the noise.

‘In the end I moved house as the landlord was doing nothing about the rats.’

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