17 Year Old Afghan Teenager Attack 22 People On A Train In Germany


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An Afghan teen identified as a refugee attacked 22 people in a train with an axe on Monday night, seriously injuring 3 people while the other 19 escaped with minor injuries.

The teen whose name has not yet been released is a suspected Islamic extremist as it was reported he shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is the greatest) as he hacked and slashed at people.

CNN reports that the perpetrator, who was armed with a knife and an axe, attacked the train as it was moving between stations.

The train had to make an emergency stop short of the station at Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld where the assailant jumped off and tried to make a run for it only to be shot dead by authorities.

CNN also reports that a military spokesman confirmed that they indeed are looking at the possibility of it being an Islamist attack
“It is quite probable that this was an Islamist attack,” he said.

This comes on the heels of the tragic attack in Nice, France that took the lives of over 80 people when a truck driver crashed into a crowd of people as they celebrated the Bastille day.

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