28 yr Old Engineer Shot Dead Protecting Mother from Armed Robbers


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A twenty-eight year old Engineer has been shot dead while protecting his mother from armed robbers in front of the family compound.

The deceased engineer identified as Oluwaseun David, was described as passionate, intelligent, hard-working and admirable by residents of the area.

The incident happened when a three-man robbery gang on a motorcycle stormed the street around 9pm that evening during a downpour as residents huddled in their houses.

The three man gang attacked the confectionary store owned by the deceased’s mother as she was packing loafs of bread into the store preparatory to shutting down for the night.

The gang reportedly attacked and disposed the deceased’s mother of all she had made from her sales for the day.

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As the woman was being robbed however, one of her relatives who stumbled on the ongoing g robbery rushed into the compound to alert the residents to come to her aid.

The call alerted the deceased who rushed out to ascertain the safety of his mother. His entry startled the armed robbers who shot him in the neck and fled the scene.

Oluwaseun David succumbed to the gunshot wound while being taken to Agege-Orile General Hospital, Lagos.

The incident mortified the residents of the area who hung a banner in front of the deceased mother’s shop with the inscription;

“We celebrate your life, Oluwaseun Theophilus David (Theogas),” in memory of the late engineer.

Narrating the incident, the younger sister of the deceased identified as Blessing said;

“Around 9pm last Sunday, some robbers attacked my mother in her shop and took away all she had made from her sales at gunpoint. She sells bread, recharge cards and drinks. It was raining heavily and she was packing bread into the shop when the robbers came.

They were three in number and they came on a motorcycle. Two of them followed my mum into the shop. They checked different spots she kept her money within the shop and emptied everything. It was like they already knew where she kept her money.

There was no resistance. One of my cousins with her at the shop ran into the compound, shouting ‘thief, thief!’ My brother (David) rushed downstairs. As he was about to go out of the gate, one of the robbers shot him in the neck.

We took him to two private hospitals which rejected him. We were told in one of the hospitals that doctor was not around. We then took him to Ahmadiyya General Hospital which referred him to the Orile-Agege General hospital. He died on the way there.”

Blessing described Seun as a promising and intelligent youth, noting that his death was a huge loss to the family.


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