Alcohol and Snacking; Check Out Facts

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Studies have shown that alcohol and snacking are two things that go hand in hand. It has been made known when consuming alcohol, certain factors increase urge to take a snack along with it.

Excessive drinking of alcohol is unhealthy and can cause a host of health problems. People who drink one or two small alcoholic drinks (30ml thereabout) per day are at the lowest risk of any health issues. The risk increases when we consume about 4 drinks everyday.

Research has made known that the recommended safe drinking limit is a little lower for women than men because a woman’s body contains lesser amounts of water than a man’s body. Therefore, it takes less alcohol consumption of alcohol in a woman to attain the level of harmful concentration that eventually leads to complications.

Note that 1 unit of alcohol is acquired in every 50ml of fortified wine, 125ml of a glass of wine and 25ml of whisky or other spirits.

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Although it is a great appetizer, it is to be taken in moderate amounts.

A lot of people like to snack while drinking alcoholic beverages but one must bear in mind that calories are taken in as well along with the snacks (carbohydrates) like potato fries, wafers etc that are consumed.

Findings show that alcohol contains no minerals and vitamins (empty calories). They are effective in fattening an individual and they provide higher calories than other foods like carbohydrates and proteins.

Approximately 40ml of whisky or vodka or rum contains about 105 calories while 85-135 calories can be obtained from a glass of wine.

In our everyday life, we must note that excessive drinking of alcohol coupled with unhealthy snacking can have hazardous effects on us. We are therefore advised to limit our drinking and deliberately keep to salads without high fat dressing and small amounts of nuts than contain little salt or oil when drinking.

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