Alleged Fraud Charges: US Defense Lawyers Dump Hushpuppi


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US Lawyers who were defending alleged fraudster, Abass Ramon popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi have withdrawn from his case.

The US Lawyers identified as Gal Pissetzky and Vicki Podberesky said Mr. Abass (Hushpuppi) stopped communicating with them and has retained new lawyers to defend him in the case.

The lawyers reached the decision to withdraw from the case after months of negotiations with the US Government.

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According to documents obtained by Premium Times, Mr. Pissetzky and Ms. Podberesky have filed a motion at the United States District Court in California to withdraw from representing Mr. Abass.

It would be recalled that in June 2020, Hushpuppi, who was famous for his extravagant lifestyle on social media, was arrested in Dubai by security operatives, including UAE police officers and FBI operatives.

On Instagram, Hushpuppi became the standard of wealthy living for Nigerian youths including musicians and politicians who sang his praises in hit songs and took numerous pictures with the man who would perhaps be one of the biggest fraudsters to ever come out of Nigeria.

Hushpuppi’s lawyers had applied for him to leave jail with an electronic tag and live with the uncle of a woman he has a child with, but US prosecutors opposed the bail application.

The Instagram celebrity was denied bail because prosecutors are of the opinion that he could commit crimes with just a smartphone and an internet connection, and that he posed too much of a flight risk.

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