Armed Man Attack and Injure 10 People on German Bus


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Reports  have revealed that there has been a knife attack on  German Bus in which ten people were injured.

German Police reported that a solitary male attacker armed with a knife attacked people on a bus in the northern city of Luebeck and managed to injure 10 people before he was subdued by police.

The Police also reported that one of the victims is critically injured adding that there was no indication of radicalization on the part of the perpetrator whom they had kept a surveillance on before the incident.


According to the German Police who disseminated information regarding the incident on Twitter, “there are currently no indications the man was politically radicalized and no signs of a terrorist background.”

Although the police did not volunteer information regarding the identity of the Knife attacker, several Germans speculated on his identity with some confidently stating his origin without citing their sources of information.

According to a tweet by a resident of Luebeck…. “The identity of the perpetrator has been clarified”

A local newspaper Luebecker Nachrichten, also stated that the attacker was originally from Iran who now had German nationality and had lived in Luebeck for years.


Local Police revealed that a backpack was found in the bus from which smoke was appearing. It was examined by a bomb squad, which found a “fire accelerant” but no explosives.

The Police further tweeted that ten people were hurt and there was no recorded death, although the motive and background for the crime was still unclear and investigations were ongoing to determine that.


The local Luebecker Nachrichten however reported that at least 14 people were wounded, two seriously.

This incident is likely to give voice to the anti-immigrant sentiments of right wing political movements whose ranks have continued to swell in protests against Angela Merkel’s immigration policies which encourage immigration into Germany.

Right wing politicians have continued to blame increase in crime; especially rape on immigrants from Syria and other parts of troubled Middle-East.

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