Beautiful Nigerian Lady Shares How Her Uber Driver Landed Her Job In USA

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A beautiful US-based Nigerian lady, Oluwatise, has revealed how she secured a job, after two years of joblessness in America, through an Uber driver.

She said this in a tweet while stressing the importance of being nice to Uber drivers.

Oluwatise, who tweets from @maintishe, was responding to a tweet from another Twitter user @damollaaa when she disclosed how she secured her dream job for being nice to an Uber driver she hailed.

@Damollaaa tweeted, “I love conversing with my Uber drivers like you really never know who you might be talking to.”

Reacting to the tweeted, Oluwatise said, “I always tell people to be extroverted and not stuck up. The job I’ve been working for the past seven months came from an Uber driver.

“I was sitting in his car talking with him and complained about being a broke college kid and he offered me a job that I wasn’t even qualified for.”

See tweets below:




























It was not the first time that the lady would recount the experience.

In January, she responded to another tweet about being nice to Uber drivers by sharing her experience.


Oluwatise also faulted those who accused her of lying about her experience.

She said, “What’s making me laugh are the people saying I’m lying. I literally have tweeted about this same Uber multiple times. & furthermore, I live in America where middle class and upper middle class people sometimes Uber for fun, not income. Abeg don’t annoy me.

“I even tweeted about a cab in Nigeria. I’m just friendly 😂 I don’t have to sleep with anyone or be extra. If some of you ppl would stop squeezing your face and thinking you’re better than service workers, you would see that situations like this aren’t rare.”



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