The Best Ever Positions For Easing Menstrual Cramps

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The Best Ever Positions for Easing Menstrual Cramps

It’s a new month and the thought of a 3-7 day flow of blood from your body automatically drives you nuts. What’s more? Pre-menstrual depression sets in.

The pains that accompany monthly periods are far beyond imaginable. Although some ladies have it easy, many others go through excruciating pains.

Thankfully, a few researchers and several curious ladies who looked up ways to lessen and relieve us of these pains finally came up with a solution – Positions!

They came up with several effective postures that could ease the symptoms that accompany your menstrual period.

Why positions? You know how every posture seems to bring discomfort and hurt when you’re on your period…well, not with these particular ones. How about we take a look at a few of them.


If you own a floor bed, congratulations, you’re in luck! This position is comfortable enough to get rid of the pains and make you sleep. Great, huh? Here’s what to do;

  1. Lay face down on your tummy.
  2. Straighten your legs out the edge of the mattress and unto the floor with your tummy still on the bed.
  3. Make sure your waist doesn’t touch the edge of the bed to avoid tension or hurt in that area.

P.S: If you do not have a floor bed you can as well bring down your mattress and place it on the floor.


Fetal position

The fetal position is oddly common. It lessens cramps to a very large extent – you only feel little pain jolts now and then. Here’s what to do;

  1. Curl up to your sides with your knees pressed against your chest. (Like a Foetus)

legs up the wall


This is another very comfortable resting position. Here’s what to do;

  1. Lay down with your back flat on the floor. You can fold up blankets and place it beneath you or use a mat.
  2. Push up your legs and place them straight against the wall.
  3. Make sure your buttocks closely touch the wall.

Face down

Many of us take up this position as a means to ease built up tension. It massages the lower back, head and stomach. Make sure to place your head on a pillow. Here’s what to do;

  1. Kneeling, push up your buttocks such that your lower stomach presses against your thigh.
  2. Rest your face and shoulders on the bed (or wherever you decide to lay down).

Child's pose

Child’s pose is a popular yoga exercise that involves a kneeling body posture. It is particularly effective for meditation and relaxation of the nerves. Here’s what to do;

  1. Kneel with your knees wide apart. (Do not go beyond a comfortable limit)
  2. Let your stomach rest comfortably between your thighs.
  3. Make sure to rest your forehead on the floor between your stretched out hands.

Gentle backbends

This position helps to release tight muscles in areas like waist and shoulders. Here’s what to do;

  1. With your lower belly in mind, gently press your front hip bones together.
  2. Stretch your legs apart and keep your face in an upright position.


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