Pot: How to easily clean your pan and kitchen

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A new pot sadly will not remain new after use. Stains! They can be quite annoying especially when they are hard to remove.

The era of charcoal, wood and kerosene stove made washing of pots long, annoying and stressful.

How effective is iron sponge? Keep in mind, they tend to rust and can ignore you while you are trying to scrub out the stubborn stains.

It’s the weekend and we do a lot of cooking, especially bulk cooking for the week. If you are like me that likes to cook food in bulk and store in the freezer, then you can relate.

Imagine after all the cooking a delicious meal and you are struggling to wash the under of your beautiful pot or the under of the food burnt and you need to get it out. How do you clean your pots quick?

Non-stick pans or pots are a big fat no for scrubbing sponge! Do not use it or metal spoon to scrap the your pan/utensil if it is nonstick.

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Now that we are on the same page, let us take a look at how you can clean your pots easily.


How to clean your pot: Method 1

Pots can be tricky and difficult to clean. One of the ways to clean it easily is to pour water into the pot and put it on fire.

The hot water will soften the burnt part and make it easier to clean. You can add a bit of soap.

Method 2

Lemons. Use lemons and baking soda to remove tough stains on the outside and inside your pan.

Method 3

Add vinegar to the boiling water. Vinegar will loosen the tough stains and give you a sparkling clean pan.

Method 4

Use aluminum foil to clean the dirt. Soak your pot in a warm soapy water for about 5 minutes before using the foil to clean it. Do not use a foil on your nonstick pan, it will scratch it.

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