Beverly Osu Asserts Her Trailblazing Role as the First “Video Vixen” in Nigeria

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Renowned reality TV star, actress, and model, Beverly Osu, has proudly declared that she holds the distinction of being the first individual to be recognized as a “video vixen” in Nigeria.

Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu gained significant popularity for her role as a vixen in the 2011 hit song “Oleku” by the legendary rapper, Ice Prince. This portrayal propelled her into the limelight and established her as a notable figure within the industry.

During a recent appearance on the podcast “Tea With Tay,” hosted by Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, also known as Taymesan, the Big Brother Africa star reflected on the early days of her career. She revealed that she confidently adopted the term “video vixen” to describe her profession, a decision that was met with resistance and opposition from various quarters within society.

Beverly Osu reminisced, stating, “I was literally the first person to call myself a video vixen in Nigeria. Yeah, proudly. People hated it but I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m a video vixen.’ And they were like, ‘Video vixens are… You don’t say that. Say you’re a model.’

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