Bold Monkeys Break Into Homes, Wreak Havoc


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In a bizarre, planet of the Apes-like event, some Monkeys boldly invaded the Darlington and Morningside parts of Zimbabwe wrecking mayhem and causing havoc.

A resident, Ms Christine Zenda, said that the monkeys move in groups and like to interfere with man-made things.

“These monkeys even have the guts to enter houses, vandalizing properties. They grab food items such as bread and fruits from houses, while, in some cases they invade gardens and orchards where they pluck vegetables and fruits.
Bread and eggs are some of the food items that have been targeted in most households around these areas.
They also have a tendency of distracting motorists with their antics on the roads, which can lead to accidents.”

Residents are lamenting that they are unable to grow crops due to the reckless destruction caused by the monkeys.

The monkeys have been reported as turning aggressive towards those that try to turn them away. They are also more aggressive towards women and children.

Mr Tinashe Farawo the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has made a statement and urged civilians to take precautions and close their windows and doors and desist from feeding them.

His response to residents that would harm or kill the monkeys is:

“It is unlawful and an offence for people to kill any wild animal, regardless of its conduct.

“As such residents must always report the presence of nuisance animals to us or find a way of co-existing, but without compromising their safety.”

Farawo believes humans should ‘strive to live in harmony with nature.’

Some residents have gotten dogs to help keep the monkeys away.

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