Breakfast: 10 reasons you shouldn’t skip it

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Breakfast is a must-have for all of us as it is the most important meal of the day.

Having a balanced meal in the morning is very important to our health and weight management; not having it at all will put you at risks. Hence, try your best to cultivate the habit of eating every morning.

Take 10 minutes each day to make and eat something healthy in the morning like fresh fruits, oatmeal, whole grain bread with low-fat or hard-boiled eggs. These are some of the quick and healthy food options, which will not take much of your time.

While ensuring you create and maintain such a routine as this, it is also necessary to note why it is important not to skip:

1) It will boost your metabolism and get your morning started on a great note.

2) Breakfast reduces the risk of prolonged cravings which has the tendency of making you overeat during the day.

3) It reduces the risk of having stomach ulcers as your stomach won’t be left empty for a long period of time.

4) To buttress point 2, you get to eat fewer calories throughout the day and that way, you stay in control of your weight to an extent.

5) Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast consume more vitamins, minerals, and fibre throughout the day.

6) It helps stimulates your brain in order to improve your concentration and productivity throughout the day.

7) People who skip breakfast have lower energy levels, as well as less strength and endurance to engage in physical activity.

8) If you don’t eat breakfast you may suffer mood swings during the day.

9) Skipping breakfast may leave you with headaches all through the day.

10) people who regularly skip breakfast are much more likely to become overweight face health problems like type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

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