Man Butchers Twin Brother Over Girl Friend In Imo (Graphic)


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A bizarre incident in Umuonunkwo neighborhood, Ndimoko Arondizuogu in Ideato North LGA of Imo state has seen a twin, Peter butcher his brother Paul during a fight over a woman.
According to reports, it was revealed that the twins who don’t behave as brother, fight each other and have many differences as they do not agree on issues.
It was reported that, trouble started on Monday when Paul attacked Peter’s girlfriend’s child, which didn’t leave the child with injury.
Peter however, who wasn’t at home as at the time the incident occurred went to confront his twin brother after his girlfriend had explained to him what transpired earlier. The confrontation escalated quickly into using a machete which eventually left Paul terribly wounded and holding on to the last strand of his life.
Their elder brother, Micheal Ogbonna while speaking, stated that their father died two years ago and they have tried severally to get them skilled vocationally to no avail, rather, they always abandon it and fermetrouble at home.
Further information gathered revealed that, the said girlfriend has five children from another man and the child in question wasn’t Peter’s.
Paul who was initially being treated at Home Resort Hospital at Ndianiche in Arondizuogu, has now been transferred to the Federal Medical Center, Owerri.
One of his hand was severed from the machete injury, while the other is in bad shape.

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  1. Odimegwu Eke says

    These are nothing but accursed twins. All my life, I have always seen twins cooperate; but this scenario shows that these twins are suffering from a family curse.

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