CES 2020: Samsung unveils first-ever bezeel-less 8k TV


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Samsung unveiled a new bezeel-less TV at the start of the ongoing CES 2020.

The Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV features Samsung’s new Infinity Screen that according to a translated post is 99% screen.

According to the post, the new Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV is only 15mm deep despite utilizing a Full Array Local Dimming backlight and would be one of the first to implement deep learning Ai upscaling. The user experience has been upgraded to make it easier to finding shows to watch.

Building bezeel-less devices is something Samsung has been drifting towards for a few years and so have other OEMs.

Another feature the company announced is the Samsung Health integration that tracks “key wellness metrics to help you manage your personal health”. This integrated app stores information about time spent meditating, calories burned, weight, glucose levels and sleep patterns. The mobile version lets you contact a certified physician if you have a question or need a prescription.

The problem with such a feature is that of reputation. Samsung has been known to share users data with advertisers in the past which poses serious trust issues. There’s also the problem of hacking. Unless it puts certain security measures in place leaving your health record on a third party platform may be a bad idea. Thankfully the company wouldn’t roll out the feature right away.

The Korean company has continued to push beyond the edges of innovation and creativity. This week at the CES 2020, the tech giant also unveiled a concept phone that’s completely bezeel-less with what looks like an all round display body.

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