COVID-19: 50 People Arrested and Quarantined in Kwara after a Night of Clubbing


Authorities in Kwara arrested at least 50 people after a night of clubbing in the early hours of Saturday for violating the COVID-19 rules on social gathering in the state.

The arrested individuals were also made to undergo COVID-19 tests and were quarantined thereafter.

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The youths were arrested in an operation led by the deputy Governor of Kwara state, Kayode Alabi who is also the chairman of the state technical committee on COVID-19.

Speaking on the incident, the chairman of the medical advisory committee of COVID-19 in the state, Femi Oladiji said;

Around 1am, we got information that some people were clubbing at Kwara Hotel. The deputy governor, accompanied by some security officials, raided the club and we arrested so many boys and girls within the age range of 20 to 30.”

“Around 2am, we brought them to the Hajj camp (quarantine centre). We made them comfortable overnight, and early this morning, we took their samples for COVID-19 tests.

The arrest, which may lead to prosecution, is to send the signal that we cannot tolerate such a conduct. Violations will henceforth attract strong response from government.”

Oladiji reiterated that the ban on night club activities in the state remained banned and the arrested individuals violated the Kwara state infectious diseases regulations (2020).

“Government is considering other measures, including enforcement of the use of face masks in public, to flatten the curve of transmission of the virus.

“Government will take appropriate actions against any official of the hotel found to have authorised the violation of the existing ban. This is to send the signal that such behaviour will not be tolerated.” He said further

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